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I always have to open a new browser when I want to get on this blog and I’m hardly on it these days so:


Both blogs are on the same account so if I follow back it’ll be on melondoll ;;

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130830 AA @ Music Bank + Mini Mini Fan Meet Fan Account


So I and a few other international W’s went to see AA on Music Bank tonight and it turned out to be a really fun and unforgettable night. In addition to seeing AA we casually walked past Big Star as we got off the subway completely unaware it was them. They were dressed really fancy and we thought they were an idol group, but we couldn’t put the names to the faces. I also personally saw K-Hunter walking into KBS’ building with his backup dancers (he was so adorable ;;) but since he just debuted no one knew who he was but me and I mistook him for a back up dancer at first. Anyway, on to AA~

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have fun reading about my painfully perfect day. :((((

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If u wake up before 10 am at your own free will I don’t trust u, why u need those extra hours, to scheme on me? To eat my food while I’m sleep? To steal my money? Uh uh nope

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Hi. I didn’t die on my flight. Seoul’s hot and humid and it feels gross and I’ve only been here for 2 days. I am almost always sweating when I’m not in a room with ac here. Other than the heat I like it here. It doesn’t feel like I left the US though. Like seeing Korean people everywhere doesn’t even bother me one bit. I’m so used to being the minority it’s not even shocking when I’m in another country where the majority is different.

My Korean really sucks and I keep forgetting proper etiquette, but no one’s given me a bad look or said anything about it yet. People stare at me, but it’s literally no different from back in the US. Like people glance and stare for a bit then look away, but most people around Yonsei really don’t seem to care about the obvious foreigner walking down the street.

Trying to get the internet to work in my dorm has been a pain in the butt ever since I got here and I still haven’t been able to get it to work. I luckily get a wifi connection occasionally but I never know how long it’ll last. I’ll probably figure it out tomorrow. I’m not really in the mood to put any effort into doing anything. Anyway it’s almost 10:30 and I’m tired. Gonna get some rest now~

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130818 AA - Ok About It (Comeback Stage) [HD]

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Big news! It looks like NewUs will make their official debut in Korea on next week’s Show Champion!
Source: Official Twitter


Big news! It looks like NewUs will make their official debut in Korea on next week’s Show Champion!

Source: Official Twitter

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so many kpop birthdays today jfc

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